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In an effort to build trust with our customer base, we attempt to be as straightforward as possible about our business operations and pricing. If you can’t find an answer to a question you have below, please give us a call and we will do our best to answer your question. We aim to be your locally trusted, go-to Calgary & Chestermere appliance repair company. 


What is the service call charge and how much does it cost?

Our service call fee is $95.00 plus tax, which covers booking the appointment, doing the prerequisite technical and parts research, travelling to your home, and diagnosing the appliance. After diagnosing the appliance we will provide you with a total repair price quote which will include the service call fee, part(s), labor, shipping (if applicable), and GST.

How is the total repair price quote calculated?

The total repair price quote that will be provided to you after the appliance has been diagnosed by the technician will consist of the service call fee, part(s), labor, cost of shipping (if applicable), and GST. 

Our quotes are based off of the Major Appliance Services National Price Guide (MASNPG) Bluebook, which is endorsed by the Marcone Servicer’s Association (MSA), North American Retail Dealer’s Association (NARDA), and United Servicer’s Association. This means our quotes will conform to the industry standard and that we provide services to you at a fair price that covers our operating expenses, but not more.  

Will the service call be waived with repair?

No, the service call will not be waived with the repair. The total repair price quote will include the service call charge. The service call fee covers the cost of booking your appointment, doing the prerequisite technical and parts research, driving to your home, and diagnosing your appliance using the technician’s knowledge and experience.

Some companies that claim to waive the service call charge with the repair simply include the service call charge in the cost of labor and arrive at the same total repair price in the end. We aim to build trust with our customer base by straightforward explanation of our charges rather than taking the more convenient short-term marketing approach. 

How much will it cost to fix my appliance?

We will not know what it will cost to fix your appliance until after the technician has diagnosed your appliance on site. The total repair price could range from $95 – $1400 depending on the parts and labor required. 

However, the average total repair price range is around $175 – $375, including the service call. If there is an obvious problem with your appliance such as a torn washer door gasket, we can provide you an estimate over the phone but this estimate will be subject to change if the technician finds any other problems or complicating factors (such as a dryer stacked on top that was not mentioned) once on site, and the service call charge will still be owed.

Will I be charged two service calls if the repair requires multiple trips?

No, the service call fee is only charged once per repair, even if multiple trips are required. 

Is it worth repairing my appliance?

The average modern energy-efficient appliance has an expected lifespan of 10-15 years. Depending on the age of the unit and the cost to repair (which will depend on the problem), you will be able to determine whether it is worthwhile after being provided with a quote. Older appliances may have a lifespan of 20+ years. Most of the time it is worthwhile to repair. We will inform you if we do not believe it is worthwhile to repair your appliance. 

Do you offer any discounts?

Senior’s Discount – 10% Off Parts (Provided Upon Request Only)

Repeat Customer Discount – 10% Off Parts

Multiple Appliance Discount – Any additional appliance which you would like to have assessed on site can be assessed by the technician for a discounted diagnostic fee of $50. This discount is only offered if we are made aware of the additional appliance(s) while booking the appointment, but not after the technician has arrived on site (so that the technician can be as prepared as possible with access to technical documents and parts). If the additional assessment is very quick, the $50 fee is often waived (at the technician’s discretion). 


Do you warranty your repairs?

Yes, we provide 90 days warranty on installed parts and labor (on installed parts) when we are contracted directly by you as our customer. However, we do not warranty the entire appliance against any other failures which may occur within the warranty period. We only warranty the specific parts which we have installed and the labor associated with installing them. 


How soon can you assess and repair my appliance?

It is our aim to provide same or next day service. We are usually able to provide this if you are able to accept our offered appointment time(s). However, we do route our jobs in geographical order so that we do not waste time and fuel. We may therefore not always be able to accommodate very limited client availability. 

We attempt to repair as many appliances on the first trip as possible by stocking and/or preordering readily available parts for your repair, but this is not always possible if parts are not readily available, or if the description of the problem was unclear while booking the appointment. 

If your appliance requires two visits, we still only charge the service call once. It is in our interest to repair your appliance on the first visit, and you can be sure that we will do everything practically possible to achieve this. 

What if the technician needs to make multiple trips to fix my appliance?

If your appliance requires two visits, we still only charge the service call once. It is in our interest to repair your appliance on the first visit, and you can be sure that we will do everything practically possible to achieve this. 

If a part needs to be ordered locally after diagnosing your appliance, the repair can usually be completed within 2-3 business days. However some parts do need to be ordered from out-of-province and may take 3-9 business days to arrive. Back ordered parts may take weeks or months to arrive and the ETA is often unclear. In any case, we will always make you aware of part order times at the time that the quote is provided. 

When will I be given my service technician arrival window?

If you are scheduled for a next day service appointment, you will be contacted by phone or email by 7:00PM the day prior to your appointment to be notified of the two-hour arrival window within which the technician will arrive. 


We carry liability insurance and our technicians are covered with WCB protection.


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David is very knowledgeable and honest guy. Best service, reasonable prices and well regards for warranty of parts and services. Best wishes for their business.
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The technician was great, he showed up on time and finished the repair on his first trip. Would highly recommend this company!
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David knows his stuff.Smart guy with a great attitude.Give him a call for any of your appliance needs in the calgary area.
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David was absolutely amazing! He came to fix our washing machine and ended up fixing many things in our home that we have been trying to fix! He is very knowledgeable and extremely helpful! We will be calling him whenever we need any repair.
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David went above and beyond in fixing our washing machine and microwave. He was efficient and knowledgeable and offered same day service. David took the time to explain the issues and all the repairs he was conducting and was very easy to work with.
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David was very friendly and helpful he came out the day after I called and fixed our dishwasher. Excellent service, would definitely call him again for any appliance issues we have around the house.